Thursday, October 9, 2008


After the day's frantic chores and routines Eva and I would savor and relish our bonding moment in the living room watching our favorite evening Koreanovela, My Husband's Woman. The story goes like this:

Cassandra Lee (Kim Hee Ae) returns to Korea after her Korean-American husband committed suicide due to business failure and deep depression. With the help of her bestfriend Jissele Kim (Bae Jung Ok) ,Cassandra starts her new life. She then meets Jerry Hong (Kim Sang Jung) Jissel's husband and falls deeply in love with him. Cassandra who has pragmatic, logical disposition even moves into the same community as the couple to be closer to him. Jissel, however did not know at first that her husband is having an affair with her best friend until only her sister Rosario (Ha Yoo Mi) discovered them kissing in the kitchen while everyone was outside in a barbecue party. Rosario told the two to keep the affair secret; for she was afraid her feeble sister will die once she gets wind of the affair. Cassandra decided to tell Jissel her illicit affair with her husband to stop Rosario's beating of her. Jissel who suffers from her own personal pressures to be a perfect wife and helps her husband become successful in his life and career turns her emotions into anger and hatred when she learns of the betrayal of her husband and good friend. The drama unfurls at this point in their lives…

This is a story of infidelity and repentance, hatred and forgiveness. Some men considered infidelity in women as a mannish attribute and some even believed that those men who love once or have a single affair in their lives are shallow people. It is a bare certainty when honeymoon has come to an end accompanying perhaps the commencement of restraints of parentage - the festival of love will grow sour and the love of wine will lose its bunch resulting in a less amorous and cold marriage. Sexually speaking, men and women respond differently in their sexual experience. Wives respond to sex more in terms of relationship, of affection and sharing than do men. Their sexual submission is far more directed precisely to their husbands, possibly at the hope for a child. A woman believes sexual union to bring her closer to her husband and to remain more intimate to him ever after. Most men respond to sex according to the craving of their sexual rhythms. Men are basically more artistic and experimental than women when it comes to love making. They have domineering behavior in bed. When wives unable to learn and respond to their husband's specific sexual rhythms men tend to look it to someone else who can satisfy his carnal desires and sexual tempos. Sex has its own heartbreak and 7th heaven. Realization of marriage may pivot on acceptance of our partner's total person. Husbands can make sex affectionate, tender and exciting by simply not doing sex for the sake of lust but for the purpose of their wives. Spouses should both learn how often, how intense, how slow, how fast, what gives delights and what offends. Husbands should learn to read the sexual languages of their wives' heart and soul, and in return wives should learn to read their husband's. When a man becomes an adulterer we obstinately regard our inter personal disappointments not as an unjustifiable, unpardonable self-centered choice, but rather as understandable mistakes. True remorse only needs confession to experience forgiveness that is always there in an unbounded supply. Show humility where life not only begins but also where joyful growth continues... True forgiveness is to forget in order to heal ourselves from pain and hatred we never should have felt in the first place. When a man leaves his wife without valid reasons for a union with another woman, he is not only breaking God's Commandments but at the same time he is making a decision that will only fuel and blow up his personal failures.

"Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."
MAR 10:9

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