Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Before anything else let me convey my apology to my grade school classmate Edwin Pillas and the rest of the people who were taken aback with my last two articles I wrote here. Although the contents of my last blog may sound too harsh and insensitive to my readers it was far way down subtle against the terms launched to me by my former workmate and I cannot just take a pew in one corner and take hold of myself. I think it is humanly and realistically predisposition to shield oneself or fight back when someone tries to threaten or disparage you. My only mistake was that I should not post it here. I have seven blogs in all I should have posted it somewhere else. But if I did that they would not know my side and judgment since I use fictitious names in my other blog sites. Pasensiya ka na Bro. . . . But it feels so nice to know that there is a lot of concerned people out there who reminds you what the best thing to do. Honestly, I just said my opinion and sometimes people are different in understanding and it is a natural reaction for someone to feedback on something she feels to be wrong. But with all uprightness my reply (to Shirley) meant not to cause slur or do I have any intention to offend or explode her feeling. I always make it a point to keep rather tacit or not jot down something to anyone because I am scared that I may utter something I will regret afterward, but sometimes you cannot just stay unspoken without people knowing your thoughts because I believe there is nothing to be scared of except the constant denial to find out the truth, the continuing repudiation to probe the reasons of certain incidents. Anyway, this issue is water under the bridge. I have expressed my apology and I leave it all up to her. I consider that apology does not necessarily stands for reception of guilt or fault or admission that leads to shame, or to a feeling of worthlessness and despair but rather one few ways to express self-effacement. It sometimes means giving up false security or turn back arguments which will protect us when we get pushed into a corner. Apology reminds me that I am human. A real man is not found in wealth, authority, status, intellect or fame, but in his meekness. Humility can makes a man into angel and creates within him a dimension for the nearest possible intimacy with God. Rest assured that I will not touch on this sort of issue again but rather hearten people through inspirational and motivating write-ups. You are absolutely right when you told me to stay on the positive plane. Sorry again to all my readers who were startled with the sudden turn of events and thanks Classmate Edwin for the aide-mémoire! God Bless you all!

He must become greater. I must become less
John 3:30

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edwin r. pillas said...

Apology accepted, though not needed.
Bro. I was trying to put into words the thoughts I want to convey but nothing comes close to be deserving of what you have just written. Once again, you have exemplified the traits and character of an outstanding writer; Full of humility and convictions. Your blogs will never cease to inspire us, for you write with great passions and empathy. You will always be an inspiration! Keep it up! God Bless..

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”
-------Friedrich Nietzsche