Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This doesn't have to be an obligatory action for husbands who go out like fire when unattended but rather an option to make up for oneself and save a relationship. I believe most women would rather prefer not to know the perfidy of their husbands than to know openly the agonizing truth. Women differ how to handle pain when offended. Some can easily forgive and forget, some can forgive but cant forget and others cannot both at all.So I would rather say this phrase is applicable on case to case basis. Revealing one's infidelity has its own setback. Truth, it can even leave a lasting scar in memory as well as in the heart of the one offended. One wrong just not justify by simply revealing it. It is a stark reality when us husbands cheated our wives and our conscience started to get up against us, we seem to unpack the burden of our guilty conscience by simply divulging our transgressions. Why cannot we keep it all by ourselves? Why us men did not think the consequences of our cheating in the first place? Is this fair for a betrayed wife the fact that she was the one done with injustice yet she ends up suffering all the pain of injustice? Our conscience means more than all the revelations we will make, my point is --- if we can lie to betray women why cannot we do the same not to hurt them but instead make an honest, sincere, silent atonement? Sometimes not everything that a man permitted to be told is an upright and heartfelt disclosure of mistakes because infidelity is just addictive. Some of us admit our sin because we fear our reputation more than our conscience and morality. Most often men obstinately regard their betrayal not as an unjustifiable, unpardonable self-centered choice, but rather as understandable mistakes. Once forgiven we are back on our business again. There are some of us who reveal too much, but prove nothing at all. Blessed are the men who have nothing to say and abstain from giving admission of his guilt but rather act in silent repentance. I strongly believe that he who honestly repents . . . repents no witness nor listener (God is more than enough) A true and honest remorse is just good enough to appease a guilty conscience. It is true that marriage is a relationship between two forgiving partners. Though forgiveness always come in an unbounded supply, but sometimes the pain we inflicted makes it hard to find while the wound of infidelity is still fresh. Women wont forgive unless they have believed. . unless they have understood. Husbands repent and sin no more examine the past, rebuild the present, plan the future. Wives, forgive to forget and pick up every shattered fragments of your life to start a new one. Husbands and wives , kill the sin and love the sinner.

"Repentance for silence is better than repentance for speaking"

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prmo said...

pre i read your blog, ok sakin, as of now hindi pa naman ako humahantong sa infidelity na sinasabi mo. Pero tama ka sa explination mo. Para nga naman hindi masaktan at magdulot ng scar sa partner mo. wag na lang sabihin but in your heart you need to repent by all means.And most of all at importante just pray for forgiveness. na tao lang at nadadapa. pero hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon na gagamitin na tayo ay tao lang. Remember only GOD can read what inside our heart. And HE is only one can judge us, not you not me.