Saturday, January 12, 2008

AT THE RIGHT TIME. . . LIKE A DREAM. . PERFECTLY! ( A Reply to Nanding Castro's Comment)

Pre, salamat sa comment mo. Comments (good or bad) are imperative parts of my blogging. It shows that my write ups are read and my readers respond and react to my views on how I embark upon certain issues and topics that delight their interests. It intensifies gusto not only to bloggers but writers of all sorts to keep on writing. I believe God has given us all the necessary talents we need all we have to do is to develop it. Let say, I am a progeny of a great artist, the supposition or expectation would be the skill is in my genes. But even though that talent is from inheritable factors it could be lost unless I develop it. I would not be an artist if I have not expounded my talent in this field. My point is that, lahat naman ng bagay ay napag-aaralan at natutunan at kahit alam mo na ang isang bagay, kailangang mo pa ring i- practice ito... I took up Journalism as my elective subject in Mandaluyong High School (proud to be MHSian!). My enthusiasm for writing started all at this point. I know I am not that good in writing as what some people think, its just I really want to write and express my self by putting out my thoughts and opinions. I regret when I started working as an Artist I left writing in one corner. I thought being an Artist was much fulfilling, rewarding and exciting than thinking something else to jot down, but all I know both need the mastery of the frame of mind, brilliance of vision and sentiments. Art gave me my bread and butter but later broke my heart and my efforts were discredited by some people I was not able to hit their expectations and judgment. It is true that there are times you cannot make somebody’s day(Bad Boss From Hell ). The good thing in writing is that you can ignore disparagements because there are no physical confrontations among you and your critics. Blogging brought me to drawing board again, revived me and serves as my stress antidote.

I know you can be a good blogger too. Umpisahan mo na Pre' so you may uncover the hidden endowment within you. Blogging is a blend of concern and obligation. It is a chance of informing your readers what is new and factual, belief on certain issues or even sharing your fancies with them. Do not start it unless you are pretty sure you can keep it up for the sake of those who will read and benefit from it. Once started, it becomes a custom that is tough to break. Blogging just like any other skills or professions require practice. Practice will make these things yield to you at the right time . . . like a dream . . .PERFECTLY!

"The Lord has made those men highly skilled in all trades. They can do all kinds of trade."
Exodus 35:35

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