Saturday, December 22, 2007


I have to make this one short. I was bowled over to notice that it is only two days left before Christmas. Worn out and heavy eyed after my daily routine, I twisted my own arm to get up from bed and pick up pen and paper to jot down this article. My thinking was expeditious and my writing was swift for this blog before I forget to make it done or else the season will outdate this one for publication. Well. . . Christmas has different connotations to different people. It actually means everything. Most of us think this season as jovial exultations where gifts, cash incentives, clothes, foods, new stuffs, etc. etc. surfeit. But Christmas is more that these things. It is a time of remembering. Celebrate Christmas by remembering that a baby was born in extreme poverty and loneliness only to be mocked, rejected and crucified afterwards. The stable where He was born seemed almost as cruel and painful as a place as the cross. Remember the solitude of Bethlehem and the anguish and torture of the Hill of Golgotha outside Jerusalem. Remember Christmas for a Savior is born amidst the stinking and filthy dung of the animals just to die later nailed on the cross. Remember the desperate cry of an infant seemed no less frantic than his final cry, and no less deserted and disowned. Celebrate Christmas to remember that it is the beginning for Jesus to carry out a worthy end for humanity ; it is a scenario of darkness and inexpressible light to remember Christ for it is the time of sanctified relief as a final point of seeing all God’s promises to us come true. Celebrate Christmas to remember these . . . Merry Christmas to all!

And you will have joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at his birth
Luke 1:14

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