Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Green with envy and strapped with a guilt trip - - these were how I felt not to be able to come on Melanie'sArrival and Despedida shindigs. I was just an arm span away from these special occurrences but time really seemed to be unkind to me. We all find ourselves full of activities, hectic, and tiring for ourselves and most especially for our dear families, because of this we commit our schedules one at a time giving each one a different degree of primacy. I wish I have the magic potion to be at separate places of two distinct occasions of same importance. Sayang talaga! Melanie has traveled too far to live through again and take a stroll down memory lane of our high school days only to find out only few of us could come and share the good times with her. Just like Alona, I remember Melanie as one of the "mahinhins" in our section. Still fresh in my mind, these two beautiful ladies would park themselves with me on school bounganvilla plant boxes and requested songs while I twang my guitar. Annie, I remember you very well, aside from being sporty and "alaskadora" you were the only one who knows how to strum the strings among the ladies. Do I really have that sinister beam? Ha!ha!ha!ha! (not anymore) You and Portiabeth were too closed because you shared almost the same interests and curiosities. Everytime I hear the Nolan's "If You Ever Change your Mind" always reminds me of her. She sang this song during a school program and I did the accompaniment ( Ala pang KTV nuon e). Riza, Cecile, Eliza, Imelda, Arlene. Elenita and Amalia was the troupe who epitheted me as "Mr. Executive" because I never bring school bag with me – and why should I? I only got two notebooks then(History & Journalism) and everytime I have to jot down something from the other subjects or take quizzes and exams, these generous ladies supplied me all the cut sizes of pad paper (heheheheh) . And what about Ellen, my dear Medic Commander who always got peeved with my mulishness and Raymundo's insubordination? lol. Perhaps these were the attributes why I seemed less liked by our girl classmates (aside from my insidious grin heheh) it was pretty palpable they seemed to find more pleasant guys like Ferdie,Lowell, Ramon, Henry, Carlo, Leonardo, Demet and the late Danilo who were more studious and better behaved than myself or the shy type class of Antonio and Edgardo? "You're making fun of my name!" Do you remember this scandalous line? hahahahah! It was election for class officers and I remember Raymundo tirelessly proposed Ronald to all positions (from presidency down to escort and finally to muse lol!) but never won a seat! Sensing Dilag's ridicule Ronald screeched the phrase, collapsed and rushed to the nearby clinic after this drollery. Crushes and hates were bits of high school experience. I have a lot of crushes rather than hates . Back then , I must make a clean breast and admit to all of you that Riza was my crush all throughout high school years. Girlfriend(s)? Syempre naman… I had a short lived relationship with one of our classmates, yes, short as blink of an eye . I rather not mention her name… I can only describe her . . . she was sexy (wow)! Yung iba secret na lang ( better ask Annie D. she knows some) hahahahahah!
My memories of Bobby, Lito & Raymundo will never be in oblivion. I agree with Anna Marie that there are distinct memories with certain friends. . . In and out of school, these guys shared me some of the happiest and most unforgettable fraction of my youth. Have you heard carolers singing the tunes of Beatles and Everly Brothers instead of yuletide chorus? During Christmas seasons, Lito, Dilag and I would go house to house to croon our carol pieces of "Please Please Me" and "Wake Up Little Sussie" hahahah!. Bobby, is my only Kumpare among our classmates and I remember often times we sneaked his father's bike going to Dalin or Imelda Pascual's place. Ewan ko ba sa kumpare ko na to, Ang gandang lalaki nerbyoso sa babae . When he got tired wooing a girl and he sensed that his courting was getting hard and had taken too long , (he was too impatient) ako na ang pinapagtuloy niya! (lol) Minsan naman sinama ko siya sa nililigawan ko, aba'y kinabukasan binasted ako nung girl only to find out the next day that she and Bobby were already on? hahahahah!

Hayy. . . its nice to dredge up all these fragments of high school stories. It makes me feel young. High School is really different, its the representation of our youth. It's like carrying all its memories for lifetime. My appreciation to Ferdie, Leni, Amalia, Cecil, Ed, and all the rest who give their undying support, time & effort to supply more cinders to woeful flame of our alma mater's flambeau in hope of giving it a newer and livelier blaze.
Melanie. . . I promise to see you!


Lito Lumabas said...

Your writing is still sharp, just like our journalism days. Sayang, di naging official ang pagkukumpare natin but I tried though. Pinapuntahan kita for my eldest son's baptism but failed to locate you, I was in Saudi then. Anyway, 4me your still my kumpadre. Cheers!

Jessie said...

No problem ... I'll wait for the next baby ! hahahah!