Friday, August 17, 2007


Jessie, I was compelled to write you after going through some of the postings in the Batch 83 website.
I HAVE BEEN absent a did I miss
these?Anyways, I was laughing my ass off
(excuse me).You saved ALLLLL those pictures
and ALLLL thosewritings - oh my God! You can't
imagine how thosememorabilia made me feel.
I smiled and laughed through most of them and shrieked through some of them - especially of
Mr. Albea's. Remember that notorious head bashing party? I must say this to you though.
I've always admired your writing style and looked up to you as the "cool as cat" dude.
One distinct memory I had of you was your natural ability to make people laugh. You don't
even have to try to be funny - you reinvented funny! yeah, and you and Bobby were always after
Jocelyn - I remember you guys. Anyways, I thought I'd let you know that you, along with others
have occupied the "good memories chapter" in my book of life. Thanks for saving those pics.
Any BTW - I penned that Marijuana article as a sad tribute to 2 brothers whose lives were
hallmarked with the sad influence of the weed. You can tell the writing was definitely "uck"
but who cares right? Listen, you keep the boys in line and keep the ladies laughing and please,
please, let them know I miss everybody.

Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon; Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first mountaineers to reached Mt. Everest Summit; Pancho Villa was first Filipino and Asian Boxing Champ.

There is always a FIRST for everything! I wouldn’t have even the most trivial tip-off in my wits to craft a link for MHSians if not for this lady - Anna Marie S. Aguilar Girdner . She is the forerunner of Batchof83 E-group , a site that serves as the milieu for MHSians at Yahoo more specifically for batch of 1983 where she and I belonged.

Maraming salamat Anna Marie for appreciating everything that I posted there. I always make it a point to cherish everything that will jogs the memories of my youth and my happy and blissful past. I don’t lob or lose something that I’m sure I’ll regret afterwards. Yan din and sinsabi ko sa mga kids ko na maging masinop. Do you believe that their first cut hair and fingernails, bellybuttons and preganacy dip strips urine test, letters to Santa Clause , old school ID's tinatago ko pa? Parang ako ang babae sa bahay! Ha!ha!ha! For me, these are simple life’s treasures. One day when old age would thwart me from telling my life’s chronicle to my kids and grand children(if God permits me to live that long) at least I have something to get from my cabinet and show a good time to them. I like to be a paragon to my kids. I must admit that I’m not really that good in writing. Its just that I really like to write and express my mind and views. Nagtataka nga ako bakit ako ang naging Editor- in -chief ng MHS Journal where anyone from you, Melanie Mabini Mayr and Erlinda Ferandez (I think) could best fit in for the position. Maybe totoo nga yung sinabi mo….nadaan sa sa pagpapatawa! ha!ha!ha!. Si Bobby magandang lalaki yun e. Crush ng bayan ika nga , yung hindi nya mga gusto yun ang ibinibigay nya sa akin, kaya mas maraming napupunta sa akin (joke) ha!ha!ha! Where is he now? Namimis ko rin itong kumpare ko na ito ( he’s Caca’s ninong) You were the first person I knew(Section 1) when I enrolled at MHS. You were a member of Mauway Elementary School Softball team I was from the ERES Baseball team then. Both teams competed in Marikina. Nagulat ka pa nga nuon ng nagkita tayo sa room. Magiging magkaklase pala tayo. Sure hope so you still remember this. You and the rest of our classmates has been a fraction of my life and without that portion it will never complete my youth and my life story .

Thank you again for starting it all, you can count on my loyal and constant support for the group and I promise you for more postings of any sorts in the future. As you said, I will let them know how terribly you miss them. . . but am a bit doubtful if my sense of humor will still work on them! ha!ha!ha!

God Bless!

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