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Jessie wrote:
hello classmate!??? musta na? At first i wasn’t able to recognize you buti na lang narecall ko yung surname mo hahahah! Hope not a sign of mental deterioration . Can you join our group? Please help me too in my earnest aspiration to reunify all ERESian more specifically our section. Kindly tell about this site to all concern.

Regards to the family and God bless u!

Cecile wrote:
Well welll.. Mr Landingin... I seem to remember the last time i saw you when we were organizing sort of a reunion or what do you call it a drinking (things you do when you are younger) you were sitting on your front stairs...hahahaha.. Yeah I kept my maiden name.. my hubbys name didn’t seem to match my name.. jk... I will do that.. I will join the group.. I guess now I am more resilient when you guys tease.... I am glad to hear from classmates.. sharpens the

Jessie wrote:
I guess you said that right! As we age we tend to become more flexible and shyness lessens . Hayaan mo wala ng manunukso sa iyo hahahahah!Anyways, thanks for joining and enjoy the group!

Cecile wrote:
I don’t really care if I get teased... I have my thing now.. i don’t get upset i just get even.. see the thing is with working with men is you tend to think like one.. Like a trailer

Jessie wrote:
Teasing back then were part of our young & playful years - a representation of our innocence and immaturities . We epithet somebody to be like this or like that but not necessarily to make insults or rub things the wrong way. We were infantile and we were guiltless. We said something about somebody without due consideration because we are slapdash. Without these experiences and attributes our elementary memories would be lackadaisical. I also got teased then (many times). But now that i matured a lot, I dig up all these stuffs as bits of chronicles of my young years. And who cares about those teasing right now?

Cecile wrote:

Well. it didn’t really bother me, that was just a joke. I have three older brothers and one sister and i am the youngest, my brothers were really bad at that and we use to joke about who ever gets upset first is the one that loses.... so the more you get upset the more they tease. I was resilient then and i am pretty sure i did a lot of infantile things..OH YEAh.. It is funny now, but then was serious. I miss those days the innocent life, with no worries, no responsibilities and our most major job is drive our parents insane, spend their money (lol).

You were cool though, I have always find you hilarious, love those one man show moment- when you stand in front of the class and just make us laugh.. always thought.. not bad.. the smartest in the whole school with a good sense of humor. And then when the teacher comes in -- sit like an angel... We were in class for one year but it was really great.
So how is life in PI.. the last time i was there was 99..and boy I drank a lot.. partied hard ..// now I am too old for

So how many is in the group that is our batch mates?

Jessie wrote:

Did I ever tease you somehow? hahahaha! In my anamnesis, Ace Villareal and Alexander Domingo were the ones who peeve you most of the time and every time they do, you would just sit still and blub in your armchair as you slightly grazed away the tears in you cheeks. These rascals were too scared when the compassionate girls threatened them to tell the teacher what they did to you..(lol) while I, busy entertaining the unmindful others with my shaggy dog stories hahahahah! Ace and Alex were my closest buddies among the boys and I was the heritor of some of their roguish tricks. Back then, our classmates, especially the girls found me comical and entertaining but I am a bit precarious if my wittiness will still work once I get to meet all of you again. Already enlisted here were Jesusa Suyat, Emily Magalong, Dennis Quimora, Rio Bautist, Felix Jun Asilum, Malou (forgot her surname) . I still have to dig net to find Rowena Fermin, Marciana Yuzon,
Lailani Granada, Esmeralda Manlapig, Belinda Potente, Maevelyn Serrano, Guizella Paulino, Yvonne Delfin, Agnes Lopez, Arlene Pescasio, Rowena Teruel, Carina & Loida. Serafin Quintana, Rommel Eugenio, Bernardino Vicencio, Eliseo Vengco, Ace & Alex. Whew! See? I remember them all! Girls for sure will be harder to find (unless all of them are old maids lol) unlike the boys who kept their surnames. Please help!

Cecile wrote:

I don’t seem to remember you teasing me.. you were fun. I guess you are right Alex and ace are the bullies of our class.. I don’t remember the tears but I do remember the teasing a bit.. Not all of it... I guess I have to give them credit for that because I became strong.. and very resilient to things.. and working for a waste management company I have to grow balls because most of my co managers here are all male and I cant afford to be a cry baby.. plus all of them are white people so I really have to suck it up and be a b..itch or an a.. ss/ excuse my French..

So as far as I remember I don’t remember anything about you crossing me.

Well anyways those are bridge over the water.. and can't be changed..
You know what the funny part is... I think I had blocked that off and just remembered bits and pieces of elementary.. c'est lavie.. part of growing up.

It is good that u guys found me.. then I have more time to play at j.k.

Keep me posted

Jessie wrote:

Ay salamat naman! There was one time they teased you and I was the one cheering you up to stop from crying and asked them to stop their josh. Honestly, Mrs. Morales commented to get away from them . . nothing more than just an honest concern about my class standing. Remember, Loida and I was in race neck and neck for the honor and I thanked God I won that sprint nip and tuck. Ace and Alex were really mischievous then but they were nice guys. Their parents and siblings were receptive and kind to me. Their impishness was not to hurt but more of a playful mockery while you were too thin- skinned and easily got upset with it. They were guiltless and you were sensitive. The good thing is that these people that hurt you were the ones who taught you somehow to be tough and flexible. Now we have matured we understand these portion of our young lives. . . Comprendre, c'est pardoner. Memories stay with us forever and are important part of who we are. . but become less accurate as we age. . . lol.

Prenez! Bonne journée!

Cecile wrote:
Well, looking back it is really funny.. see when we were young we dont really worry and not really think of the consequences of your action... i guess i had changed a lot- taking psychology made me understand more of the growing pains and how we learn from it. i am sort of glad that i did take that course.. and sometimes apply it.. it is really handy with a teen ager.. i have learned to let go of the things that i cant control and things had changed a lot comparing to us.. looking now to what the teenagers do now.. omg we are

> You were nice when we were young, and i do remember that.. and i do remember you making it easy for everybody by your jokes.. and believe me i took that with me through my whole life.. that when everything gets wrong you make jokes.. and i just laugh... you werent just the smart boy in the school but you were cool at the same time. i do thank you for that :)

Merci Beaucoup... Prendre le bon soin

so how are the kids.. how old are your kids?

Jessie wrote:

Yeah right, we were carefree, cheerfully and playfully irresponsible then, but much easier to restrain compare with teenagers now. I can see that your boot is on the other side now. . and I’m glad you have changed for yourself. I think we were all nice. It was that young age is always associated with naughtiness more particularly with the boys and some were really hard to discipline. And I found all of us hilarious too; I remember you exchanged jokes with me and some of the girls. Perhaps you guys found me more entertaining because I got more barrels of laugh than the others. Girls were easier to please and more receptive so I preferred to do my one man show in front of them. hahahaha! I must say this, that you and the rest of our grade school classmates had partaken me some of the joyous and most unforgettable chapters of my young life and these memories will not be sealed with oblivion. Thanks to all of you!

Got 4 kids. . . all daughters. My eldest still has a year to finish her college, the other two are still in grade school while my youngest just turned 6 months old.

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