Friday, March 6, 2009


In the gloomy and tranquil night when I am unable to slumber, I grasped a mirror and looked myself from it. A light spread and bounced into my face. I closed my eyes, and with clearness stimulated by relaxation my disappointments and faults tend to emerge before me like apparition from the past. I opened up my eyes and even more I find myself mirrored in almost every people I met.

With a kind of unreasonable persistence the mirror reflected thoughts and showed it off corner to corner from the screen of my mind. I see the faults I have seen in others are but reflections of my own. Their flaws, shortcomings and weaknesses, to certain extents are mine too. Perchance, some of my failures have not been as unpleasant or as evident as theirs but there were times I acted the way I should not supposed to.

Even though my letdowns seem less deliberate and I am not the same in some degrees or explicit ways for people who have not acted in total integrity and complete morality I am guilty too of my own imperfection. If I can always hold on to my mistakes I can see my own glory in the mirror and the clear ongoing process of my growth, renewal and transformation. I see myself reflected in a mirror and without speaking confesses the secrets of my soul...the truth that I am.

“The mirror will reflects back to the thinker what he thinks into it.”


edwinrpillas said...

"An unexamined life is not worth living." ---socrates
Nice blog! Keep it going bro.

Brian Samo Ross said...

Jessie, I was touched by your honest vulnerability. Acknowledging that the shortcomings we judge in others are often reflections of our own humanness, is an important step on the path to awakening. Blessings from Honolulu.