Thursday, August 14, 2008


I had an unfathomable reflections last night about what Carlo Corpuz, my high school classmate posted in Batchof83 e-group days ago. He has the point when he uttered these words "ang pag isipan na lang nating lahat ay kung papaano natin matutulungan ang mga kabatch natin na walang- wala sa buhay" During the past years some of us has been very occupied getting off the ground for meetings, parties, outings, reunions and the likes but have we thought on what Carlo was trying to hint at? I do not see any wrong giving precious time starting up these concerns because our school somehow benefits from it and give us the chance to re-unify with one another but have we really achieved something out from it? Or we really just want to relish the sweet savor of gaiety and cheer of missing the good old days of our youth? Or kick around our triumphs and showcase our attainments to blow our own trumpets in front of the less successful? Or the zeal to see someone how he/she looks like after 25 years? Or to think that our batch is the best amongst MHS? Have we made endeavors to ferret out and uncover those less known names of Batch '83 and see how they are doing? Or we really did nothing for them and sealed them off to oblivion because we think they cannot be of help? Tama si Carlo, sometimes people act and talk out of duplicity and egocentrism. Last week I have the chance to talk with a female classmate and we talked a lot of things regarding our batch and some of the unattended problems arising from within us. It was open and poignant, I tried to mollify her. I have one important watchword I left her . . . . "REACH OUT" . . . Try to reach out everyone, because they are all apart of us. If there is one undertaking that will genuinely give us the real significance of accomplishment it is none other than helping our less fortunate batch mates as what Carlo said and making worthy projects for MHS, and all MHS Alumni as a whole. Batch 83 is not MHS, there is a lot of MHSians before us and even a lot more after us. Though first and foremost our trust is on our own peer let us not curb the boundaries of ourselves to our batch alone. REACH OUT and sacrifice our own happiness for the happiness of others and lighten our minds to give us the real sense of peace, joy and fulfillment. You can break a strand of broomstick easily but when you put each strands together it becomes stronger and resilient. Everyone has his own role and responsibility to make this a reality. If Christ died for us, then no sacrifice is too great for each one of us to make for Him. God Bless MHSians!!!!

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edwin r. pillas said...

Bro. Again a very good message. Helping others is noble but nobler is teaching them how to help themselves. Even in Wowowee one has to show some talents before you can get something. A dance or a song will do it. In the bible theres a parable about the talents in Matthew 25:14-30.
Kep it up! God Bless.

"God helps those who help themselves."
-----Benjamin Franklin