Sunday, August 17, 2008


I am a little bit late about this. Last Thursday my daughters Days and Pau were yelping and giggling in front of the computer while watching a video from YouTube. “ Ano ba yan, ang iingay ninyo!” I screeched. “Pa, tignan mo ito!” said the two. I drew near them and see what stuff was making them crazy. Pau put on the headset above my head. “ Pa, pakinggan mo at panoorin mo iyan ha?!” said Days. When Pau rolled the video we laugh our hearts out as we watch two lip-synching guys do their acts.

I’m talking about Moymoy Palaboy. This two Pinoy lip-synching siblings is the latest YouTube marvel. Lip-synching isn’t new in Youtube, in fact the first time I saw one was several years ago when two Chinese teens made it first, doing a lip synch of Backstreet Boys’ “ I Want It That Way”. But honestly, Moymoy Palaboy do it better and funnier. Using a Sony Ericsson W810i cell phone with a 2-megapixel camera and an HP laptop, the innovative music video act of brothers Ronald and Rofil Obeso debuted on the Internet in 2007 last February. Their first lip-synch video was NSync’s “Dirty Pop “and the following videos were sensational. Their “Wannabe” by the Spicegirls is currently registered at 1.3 million views and their 22 uploaded videos so far have 7.12 million hits all in all! Although the “Wannabe” is the video to beat I find the Lion King’s “In the Jungle” and “Marimar” the funniest. The very simple dramaturgical parody of Moymoy Palaboy has earned them buffs here and around the world. Out of fancy, their hilarious clowning were shot in a stark environs, in the poky living room of their Pasay City apartment, with “Mama Auntie “, their Tita nonchalantly strolling in and out of the picture. Their videos have ordinary and basic allure to the millions of YouTube viewers. These guys are making fun out of themselves to give joy to others and lighten people’s problems. They say they enjoy it too while making it big now. Watch out for more rib-prickling videos of Moymoy Palaboy. But for now let’s just show samples of cool and stimulating revisions of lip-synching spoofs and laugh your heads off!

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