Tuesday, July 1, 2008


By nature , and nearly in all instances in the show ground of sports or any other field of battle for prowess, the winning challenger exults and rejoice before the multitude as he keeps an eye on his fallen adversary . More than what Manny Pacquiao demonstrated to the millions of watching around the world to see his notably proclaimed challenge to David Diaz was not only his boxing preeminence as the no. 1 pound for pound fighter of today but his kindness and compassion that is embedded and natural spirit of a true Filipino. As Pacquiao unveiled his warrior instinct that sent Diaz in stupor face down to the canvas, instead of vaulting or summer saulting for celebration, Manny showed the compassionate and helpful edge of a true sportsman when he moved toward and made an effort to help David Diaz get up. Concern was on his face for the fallen Diaz he trounced into flesh. As a matter of regulation , Referee Vic Drakulich warded off Manny's showing of his spontaneous worry over his fallen rival while the crowd reacted riotously, screeching and applauding as it seems they saw Diaz end came. According to reports, Pacquiao even asked the referee to halt the fight much earlier when he sensed there was no way Diaz could endure the later rounds. Diaz's was bleeding profusely with deep cuts on his right eye and a nick on the bridge of the nose, and Pacquiao kept pounding them at will, most likely in anticipation that Diaz would quit, but did not until the 9th round when he was whacked in the mandible by a ferocious left hook, and plummeted kissing the canvas. David Diaz had the perplexed encounter of fighting the fastest man he had ever seen in the ring but experienced being defeated in the most gamely and gentlemanly manner. Dangerous David Diaz tamely capitulated himself to Manny Pacquiao and gave all his respect for his subjugator's humility, sportsmanship and humanity.

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well paquiao the best boxing globally