Friday, July 25, 2008


Last night I was listening in the news while trying to patch up something for tomorrow. Actually it was from the TV I was pinning my ears back for the late night reports because I was too occupied to only manage a peep on the boob tube. One news got my attentiveness. I broke off what I was doing for a moment and took a pew in front of the TV. Wyden King has ultimately closed down the last in the group of 14 of the Philippines largest short time sex motels - the Anito. King who had turned Born Again said the closure was not his but of God's will. King's business which many people thought to have caused despairs for countless marriages, inopportune pregnancies of minors, sanctuary for taboo love affairs have finally ceased venture after many generations. He said he cannot figure out how inexplicably the Lord ways are of letting go of his business. Some people considered King's act as a mere duplicity while most others extolled him for his courage and deed of repentance. Whatever it is the good thing is that . . . it is now closed. King gave up his millions of takings from Anitos for his new found true God who moved in the most bizarre way for him.

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gino marcelo said...

hi bro jessie, i read your blog in the MHS regarding this closure of ANITO motels, you know what, this only shows that God touches people in so many ways for them to do something unimaginable. I believed Mr. King finally found the new riches not in this world but in heaven.

Nice blog bro, i really like it