Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Men are sexual beings and it has long been disputed if they are really polygamous or not. Although some people to a certain extent believed both men and women are polygamist, men in general desire more sexual partners as possible. This is why males' double-dealing rate is far higher than that of the females'. Secondly , the difference between reproductive mechanisms of each sex why most women would be likely to prefer a commitment to specific sex partner. Men can permeate as many women at the same time without having troubled about pregnancy. Men can love one person but their "inborn sexual impulses" drive them to seek newness elsewhere even though love does not have to be involved.

Since God at one time called us to multiply, polygamy has its historical evidences in biblical era. Moses had two wives , Zipporah and an Ethiopian woman, Abraham got three, Sarah, Hagar, and Keturah while David at least had 18 wives - Michal, Abigail, Ahinoam of Jezreel, Maacah, Abital, Haggith, Bathsheba and ten women/concubines. Other biblical polygamists were Abdon 70 wives, Abijah 14, Gideon 70, Jair 30, Rehoboam 18 and King Solomon 700!. It has also traces in other faiths such as Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Mormon.

Christianity have a great impact on the transformation of men's sexual activities and morality. It changed the rules. And most of us are trying to conform ever since. What limits man's sexual tendency is morality. A person with little or no ethical values or who supports the belief of " moral relativity" has little to ward them off from acting on urges. All that thwart them from cheating is the apprehension of getting caught. While a truly moral person does the right thing even no one is looking. Not all achieves this echelon of maturity and a lot of people still continue to hop from one bed to another . Sex is gratifying and stimulating and a lot of people get addicted to it and keep on jumping from one lover to another seeking new pleasure and excitement. My two pennies worth , men are naturally polygamous. If one tells me he never bothers to look at other women , it's a complete duplicity( its ok to look at unless you do not act). We have animalistic instincts, when God called us to multiply He made sex as a medium for the purpose for any animal's life including mankind to ensure the continued existence of every species. But do not get me wrong , I am not advocating polygamy in this article. When God gave the divine gift of sex it was integrated with the "power of choice". Some people are easily satisfied and gratified while some are not.We were given choice and the capacity to control.There are hundreds of thousands or more men who have the ability and power to stay monogamous. That what makes us superior beings. We can opt to be polygamous or choose not to have multiple sex partners or choose not to let our eyes and mind run wild whe we see someone kindles our urge. Contentment is all in the attitude of the person. Both men and women have urges . We have choices. To do what is right or to do what is wrong. If you opt for the latter, the price is to be paid - broken hearts,broken marriages, broken families and broken children. Men are capable of being monogamous but it does not come innately. It takes a lot of courage to be faithful. A lot of personal reminders to oneself, a constant practice of discipline and self control ,developing good relationship with the ones we love and above all - a personal relationship with the Lord.

God has designed sex for us, for procreation and expression of affection and dashed it with the "power of choice" . Rules and laws has been made for the protection of rights and goodness of all. Sex is like a fire, burns vivid and hot, it starts that way but then as the fire calms down then we start to think if we have really made the right choice. Human beings were crafted as the highest form of life. Capable of controlling ourselves but then if we do not know how to suppress our urges, we are nothing more than an animal. . .

Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure,
for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.
HEB 13:4


Anonymous said...

very enlightening.. thank you for this sir... continue writing your blogs, as im always looking forward for all your writings.. God Bless you and your family...How i wish i too have one whole happy family same as yours and others in the group.. i did everything to make it as whole,and intact, but unfortunately, i failed, maybe, god has a plan, why it happened, yun nalang ang inisip ko. and i also Thank god, for giving me good health and made me strong for my kids... I also,want to thank you sir, and also by joining the group, parang nagkaron ako ng kausap, this quite madrama, but i really felt to thank you all guys, ive met godfearing people where i can talk to, though were quite afar,..

Keep it up sir..


Jessie B. Landingin said...

Sure God has plans for you and He won't give you anything you can't handle. Thank you for reading my blogs.