Friday, March 14, 2008


Hi Bro and Sis,

I am seeking anybody who can help me interpret this recurring dream.

My dream is something like wrestling with an unknown entity, I could not remember kung tao cia but meron ciang dalang espada while Im holding a chain (kadena). My dream was that Im always being attack by this entity with a sword and always sinasalag ko ito using the chain and ginagapos ko yung sword nia with my chain until mabitawan nia ito.

I find it very weird and this dream keeps on recurring for so many years. My last bout with this entity was just last night while sleeping.
I felt quite relax despite being attacked with a sword as if parang alam ko kung paano ko idedepensa ang sarili ko. After akong makipagbuno sa kanya, i will be asking two glasses of water sa isang katabing tindahan, i know it sounds weird, pero di ko rin maintindihan and i hope u can help me interpret this dream

Bro Gino this is interesting! I will try this one and help you decipher your dream. Now let me ask my crystal ball…. Ba..Be..Bi.. Bo..Bu… Bolang bilog huwag tutulug-tulog sabihin ang kahulugan ng panag-inip ng aking kaibigan ..Ba..Be..Bi..Bo…Bu ......

Recurring or repetitive dreams are relatively common type of dream. It occurs again and again and often sparked by certain circumstances or phase of your persona which has been a glitch to you for a long time. It may crop up in different patterns of time and each occurrence has little disparity in the dream content itself. It may also have some bearing to some current problems or obsession. Repetitive dream can divulge some of the most valuable facts on you. It may point to a struggle, unsolved situation or matter in life or some underlying and urgent message in your unconscious that needs enlightenment. It may also points to your personal Achilles’ heel, trepidations or your inability to cope with something in your life now and then.

Being assaulted by unknown person in your dream signifies questions on your character and the need for you to defend. You are feeling stressed, vulnerable and helpless. You may also be faced with difficult changed in your walking life. The unknown entity in your dream represents you. It implies a part of you that is bottled up and concealed. It may also represent a model person or situation offering you some insight and opine. You said that the unknown person is wielding a sword. Sword represents ambition, competitive nature determination and will power. You seek to hold position of prestige, authority and distinction; alternatively, the sword can be seen as a psychosexual symbol and thus represent masculine power. I can see this dream as a bout between YOU and your HIDDEN SELF. You have to break free and accept all the good stuff this unknown entity is offering you instead of fighting back and subduing it through your chain. Chain signifies that you are confined in a routine, old idea or a relationship. You may be brainstorming for new ideas or looking for the various choices out there for you. But your chain and sword conflict your option. When you drink water from a glass it signifies your unconscious and your emotional state of mind. Although I can see that you are a spiritual person you are still exploring for knowledge, healing and refreshment for the real essence and flow of life. A glass can also denote invisible barrier you have put up in order to protect yourself in a situation or relationship. You are thirsty for answers with all these life's questions and your refuge is to go to the store to quench the thirst of your mentally and emotionally exhausted mind.

Sigmund Freud through history was probably the most famous figure to probe dreams. He said “feelings buried in the unconscious surface in camouflaged form during dreaming, and that the remembered portions of dreams can help uncover the buried emotions. “ Some people consider their dreams as emotionally important to their daily lives and seek for better understanding and what they mean. Dreaming can give us better learning of ourselves and give insights to our future. Dreams can be recurring, predictive, lucid, de javu and nightmare. It has been a mystery to us since humanity first breathed life. Dreams have always fascinated mankind But whatever it is, we have to take our dreams with sense and precautions. Gino, this is my personal interpretation of your dream and does not necessarily mean to be true and accurate. Ba.. Be..Bi..Bo..Bu Bolang Bilog huwag tutulug-tulog, salamat sa iyong tulong, aking katanungan iyong nabigyang kasagutan Ba…Be…Bi…Bo…Bu…

( BTW I forgot to pen here that your dream can also signifies . . . . INDIGESTION! lol!)







Jessie B. Landingin said...

Bro, yan pa rin ba ang dream mo? Ang tagal na niyan a high school pa tayo!!! hahahah! Kung an-ano kasi ang pinanunuod at binabasa mo e! Otherwise try consulting a urologist mukhang mahina na ang pangontrol mo lol!

Gino Marcelo said...

Hi Bro Jessie, first and foremost thank you very much for your intelligent interpretations of my dream. After reading it,I must agree that my dream reveals something inside me that I should do but is restrained simply because of a default in priority. My physical separation from my family by way of going abroad gives me at least a time to rethink my priorities in life. Now, my eyes had opened and I realized very clearly what God is trying to say to me.
My priorities are listed according to order; GOD, FAMILY, CAREER.

My dream wants me to respond to His Calling

Responding to the Call
Matthew 9: 37-38 The harvest is many but the reapers are few, pray to the one who sows the seed to send more workers.

I know God is trying to speak to me in countless dreams that I had. At first I could not understand the message lies beneath my recurring dreams until the picture becomes clearer. I never asked Him why me but always beg Him, “Help me Lord to help other people”.

I've been thru a lot of 'stuff' and made a lot of mistakes in the past, one's that I am not proud of but then I re-dedicated my life to the Lord; asked for His will to be done in my life, instead of mine. Since then, things have been going smoother for me. Yes, I still have problems. I thank God for His loving grace and forgiveness.

Now I use the NET to share the Word of God on the web. I also gave unsolicited advice to people who may be going thru a rough time understanding their life or just need a 'listening' ear via IM or email.