Tuesday, October 2, 2007

GOD SAVE THE BABIES! ( A Ride Away From Death)

Jeepneys used to be called the King of the Road but not these days anymore. With traffic getting more infamous in the Metropolis despite of the many programs to decongest it such as flyovers and underpasses, MRT’s and LRT’s, skyways and color coding, motorists and commuters still unable to cope up with this seemingly unsolvable problem.. Easy as a pie to drive, the motorcycle has taken the title that jeepney has long kept to its name. As one of the few options that seem to address the traffic menace, motorcycle population is growing incredibly and with this fad everyone seems to climb on the bandwagon. It is a common view when traffic builds up bikes slithering through vehicles larger that its size. Sometime they may even get jammed in front of you while you are sitting in your car before a slit opens up and with a blink of an eye they are gone. What is disappointing with the other drivers is that while they are trapped in the congestion and amidst the earsplitting noise and hooting of horns around the place, bikers just slip through and drive away.

Most of motorcycle riders enjoy their transports by being able to avoid stagnant traffic, aside from being practical and swift in long distance travel, they can also handle pot holes and bad road shells of Metro Manila. This is why most developed countries actively endorsing motorcycles in reducing traffic cramming and air pollution while freeing up parking spaces. But just recently, news advisories were flashed on different networks because of the rise in the incidence of road mishaps involving this two-wheeled vehicle. Some drivers would curb the sidewalk, and just turn sharply anywhere they want to and crisscross their way through traffic then burn up the road. Others use it for bet racing while some just for kicks. Some bikers have even back rider cuddling baby or young kid(s) between them. For God’s sake! Infant aboard motorcycle?! Are these motocyclists bird brained to put kids on the verge of peril?? This is the most terrifying motorcycle scenario I often see in the streets! Everytime I see people aboard motorcycle with kid as young as an infant I can’t hold on my gaze on them for too long. “Pag naiisip ko pa lang kung ano ang mangyayari kinikilabutan na ako eh!” It’s just like a ride away from death. Nobody can tell that he has the bit between his teeth when driving, anything can happen. “Sabi nga mismo ng mga drivers pag nagmamaneho ka ang isang paa mo ay nasa hukay na”. This is why some bikers are branded as lesser beings because of their undisciplined and irresponsible attitudes in using this sort of transport in the streets. Authorities should set a stern rules against riding babies and kids on motorcycles to look after their safety and health. Kung maari talagang ipagbawal. Parents should NEVER ride their kids on this transport and travel them on main thoroughfares .If they care enough for them and want them to enjoy life and live long, four wheeled vehicles are safer and more convenient rides for them. “Huwag na nating panghinayangan yung kaunting baryang pamasahe natin”. There are so many misconceptions about bikers; some are mistaken as drug addicts, thugs, and even bank hold uppers. ... these fallacies will vanish if discipline and sense of responsibility is shown by people who use this transport. It is true that motorcycle is the most practical and convenient motorized wheel today as far as traffic in the Metropolis is concerned. They say more bikes would mean less traffic for everyone including those who will still steer their cars. It is also a fact that the motorcycle offers the least protection for its riders and once involve in a mishap the rider escapes death by a hair’s breadth. Motorcycles have a far higher percentage of crippling and fatal accidents per unit distance than automobiles. Motorcyclists can do much to foresee and stay away from these crashes by getting proper training, wearing protective helmet, increasing their exposure to other traffic, and separating alcohol and riding. So dear motorcyclists, don’t bury your heads in the sand, the next times you use your bikes - - - PLEASE don’t ride the babies. They are angels and God’s blessing, so let them live to grow to enjoy their infantile lives.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth.
Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!
He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.

Psalm 127:3-5

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May Lomarda Diongco said...

Hi Jessie, correct ka diyan...nakakainis nga makita yung driver ng
motor meron helmet tapos yung asawa at anak niya na naka angkas suot
lang ay sombrero minsan panyo lang sa ulo...very irresponsible!