Tuesday, June 12, 2007


BONJOUR! I’ve got an inspiring note from L’Hexagone:

kuya jessie,

i just want u to know that im reading all ur blogs,and i was impressed, really,i enjoyed every bits of it..tnx kuya keep on posting.love 'em.....HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!! GOD BLESS.

FAITH, my friendster and MHS Alumni groupmate sent this inspirational short message to me. She’s working in La Metropole ( France lang naman po! ) . Just like most of our ‘kababayans’ overseas who whine with home sickness, this beautiful, morena lady from Pampanga and Rachael Leigh look-alike “seems” to brushoff all the discomforts of longing for home. Mukhang napakasayahing tao kasi! Thank you so much Faith and the rest of the people who find time to visit my site and read my publication of personal thoughts. “La liberte nous a été donnée pour exprimer notre pensée”. Ingat ka jan and God Bless you always!

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