Friday, June 22, 2007


Hi Brod,

Congratulations to your beautiful blog.

Interesting and great ideas.

Ang cute ng family mo. Talagang ulirang ama (bihira na lang ngayon). You appreciate life, count the blessings and you are happy. As my husband said "If you are lucky for love, you are not lucky for money". I prefer the first one.

Happy fathers day to you.

Sincerely yours,

Sis Shirley

Shirley Francisco ( now Mrs. Allerup) sent this words of inspiration to me. She was my former workmate at PESI and now resides in Denmark with her family. Magaling pong umawit itong kaibigan kong ito. I used to remember her singing (mostly Whitney Huston songs) everytime we have program or party in the office. Tama ka Sis, God will not give us everything . . and He can’t give us anything we can’t handle. For me "contentment" is what "happiness" all about. As Mother Theresa said “God doesn’t require us to succeed . . . He only requires that we try."

Salamat Sis, and regards na lang sa husband and kids mo. And don’t forget to read my blog ha? Hahahahahah! Gob bless!

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