Monday, May 21, 2007

FAME NO LONGER THE MAGIC SPELL (Custodio Kayoes Pacquiao)

The bout has ended even before the ring judges cast their decisions on their score cards. Darlene Custodio kayoed Pacquiao. All throughout the election's votes counting, the Pacman found himself struggling in the ropes but all his efforts seemed futile. The terror of the ring conceeded finally to political warrior Custodio.

This shows that popularity is no longer the magic spell. Natuto na ba tayo? Nagiging matalino na ba tayo? Is this the sign that the strenght of celebrity and famous driven candidacies is waning? Aside from Pacquiao, other celebrities such as Cesar Montano and Richard Gomez failed to make it to the senate. The only prominent actress-politician who made steady headway and won a seat is Vilma Santos.

Popularity is not enough anymore. Filipino voters have matured. Maaaring sa kalagitnaan ng kampanya people will crowd around these celebrities with their campaign sorties but on the election day they make a differentiation between " idols and leaders". Sana Manny should learn from this. One does not need to enter politics if he has nothing to offer other than his famousness. People will not vote for celebrities unless they ascentain them as their leaders.

Gabriel "Flash" Elorde, Boxing Hall of Famer and the greatest Junior Lightweight ( Super Featherweight ) Champion of all times, was told by his zealous advisers and some influential people from Cebu to run for politics. The humble Elorde was not moved by these encouragements but just thanked them for their trusts and faith. "Flash" died after after a long battle with lung cancer in relative comfort and remained modest and meek to the very end. Dapat tularan ni Manny si Elorde. Manny should stay out of politics. He wasn't for it and people do not want to lose him as their boxing icon either. Hindi siya dapat malungkot sa kabila ng kanyang pagkatalo. Isipin niyang mabuti na ang mga taong di bumoto at sumuporta sa kanya ay siyang higit at tunay na nagmamalasakit at nagmamahal para sa kanyang kapakanan at kabutihan. " Vox Populi, Vox Dei". As I have written down here previously, if he can't win his bout in the political arena, there will always be the boxing ring - his bastion of pride and glory!

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