Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Who can forget RUBEN RAPIZA? Do you remember him? Si Ruben pag dinaldalan ka na hindi ka na tatantanan, it's just listening to a damaged CD that plays over and over again. Ruben used to call me SWEETHEART (yes! but he's 100% not a faggot!) I can't recall how this calling started. Nuong minsan ata kami umatend ng party and we both got drunk and started calling me that way out of jesting. The next morning and from then on SWEETHEART na tawag niya sa akin! Ha!ha!ha!ha! Hinayaan ko na lang na tawagin niya ako ng ganuon because I found it funny and kakaiba.

Minsan we were tasked to go to Dolmar (remember this building in the ortigas area?) We boarded a bus. The bus was almost full but all the passengers were seated. It was good there were two more seats for us. One at the back and the other near the driver. I took the seat behind the driver and ruben sat on the rear. Unknowingly, Ruben paid our fares because the conductor had just gone from the place where he was. Nang papalapit na yung konduktor sa akin para maningil ng pamasahe and I was about to pull my wallet out of my pant's pocket (di ko kasi nakita na nagbayad si Ruben and he did not tell me) Somebody among the passengers shouted at the peak of his tone---- "SWEETHEART HUWAG KA NANG MAGBAYAD! OK NA!!!!" I looked back and saw Ruben gesturing the thumbs-up sign. Everyone looked at me. I Blushed!!!! Ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!

( Pareng Ruben kung nasaan ka man magparamdam ka naman! Namimis ko na mga kalokohan mo!)


Anonymous said...

Funny nga siya bro! Di kaya naging kayo talaga? he he he! Sino ba sa inyo? ha ha ha ha! joke!

lifeisbeautiful said...

that's really funny, Jessie. if i had a friend like that, i would definitely miss that person. anyways, is it okay if ill add you to my blog friend's links? hope you could read on my blog too and post a comment there. ingat!