Friday, April 27, 2007


We have been hurt, somebody we counted on let us down; somebody we trusted betrayed us and our trustS; somebody took advantage of our weaknesses. The hurt went deep. There is no delete button for the past. Maaala at maaalala mo, parang video tape sewed in our mind everytime it plays it re- runs, feeling the pain again.

We have made our hard decision. Do we want to spend the rest of our lives with pain and abuses we did not deserve in the first place? No ofcourse! Because we have found a way to heal ourselves. It is not one way among many, ito lang ang paraan and God invented it! It did wonders for me (and the rest of the survivors?) I call it FORGIVING. It is the only way to be fair to ourselves. Kapag hindi ka nagpatawad you are giving the person who wallop you once the priviledge of hurting you over and over again in your memory. Sabi ng iba, forgiving is not just fair, "bakit ko patatawarin yung mga taong nakasakit at umabuso sa akin?" If that will be so - you will go on suffering in it, where there is such a simple remedy - forgive.

Others would even say that if you forgive you make yourself a doormat for people to walk on. . . mali ito. Forgive those who wronged you, but do not tolerate their wrongdoings. Patawarin natin sila but stop it and do not do it again. Do not let somebody who sinned you to crawls back on her knees and says she is sorry and begs you to forgive her. Do not wait to forgive, if you do so, you may wait forever and you are stuck with pain. Maiinis at magngingitngit ka lang sa inis at sama ng loob!

Why do we have to put our future and happiness in the hands of those who hurt and abused us? If you refuse to forgive until she begs you, you are letting her decide for you when you may be healed of the memory and rotten things she did to you! Forgiving is like a journey, it takes time. So be patient and do not get discourage and we must all remember that the first person who gets the benefit of forgiving is always the person who does the forgiving. Kapag nagpatawad ka sa mga nagkasala sa iyo, you set a prisoner FREE and then you discover that the prisoner you set free is YOU!

When we forgive we walk hand in hand with the very GOD who forgives us everything. When we forgive, we heal the hurts we never should have felt in the first place. PATAWARIN NATIN SILANG LAHAT NA NAGKASALA SA ATIN AND GO ON WITH OUR LIVES. . .

" If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us in our sins, and to clense us from all unrighteousness."
(1 John 1:9)


Richard said...

If God can forgive why can't we? Let us forget the past and move on.

France Conalda Jalalon said...

"forgive and forget".And let the blessings our lords flows in our hearts.

Maricel Fermin said...

"let bygones be bygones"...masarap ang feeling pg nagpatawad ka at tinuruan mo ng leksyon ang mga taong nagkasala sayo by not tolerating them & not letting them do it again to you. The key to a peaceful life is to forgive those who have sinned to you. Thanks for sharing this wonderful & inspiring blog...god bless

Anonymous said...

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